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Gas powered donkey

Dennis T suplied me with a lot of photos of some skagit made gas donkeys. I was fascinated with the little things. So I turned some of the photos over to Devon to work his magic for me. After a little back and forth conversation he came up with a great product for me.
gas donkey1 sized
gas donkey 2 sized


Great weathering job looks almost real … :kissing:

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Another fun collaboration. So much of the time I talk about what Mike and I are up too. Buy Dennis Thompson does deserve a lot of credit. Mike has the vision. I provide the design. But Dennis is our technical advisory. The best compliment we can get is Dennis saying “yeah its right”.

Thanks again Mike for yet another fun challenge

Where can we get one?

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I saw this on FB too. This would be a great engine for the hoist for my mine…

Darn, Mike! Nice!
A real good addition to all your logging/mining models.

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3D Printed Gas Powered Donkey Kit - Etsy


Ordered mine. Looking forward to another flat car load.

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Devon, Mike, y’all did a great job. Very realistic model. Thanks for sharing the finished model.

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That is really cool and would look great in any scene or riding on a flat car.