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Gary Raymond wheels replacement for Aristocraft

Anyone know what the replacement wheels are from Gary Raymond are for the Aristo plastic wheels on the rolling bearing trucks? I tried popping in the USAT wheels but they have a lip on the axle that is slightly to big to fit into the Aristo side frames. If I only had a lathe…

One of the A34 versions for standard replacement. Weird about the website. How many are you looking for?

Do those replacement wheels work with roller bearings installed?

How many do I need? Good question, I’ve been casting resin copies of the Aristo trucks as a replacement thinking thinking that I could use the USAT wheels on my existing trucks for a low cost swap. If you’ve got a few wheel sets you’re willing to let go, I would buy them.

I went to the Gary Raymond website yesterday and found a complete price sheet. Went back today and it appears to have disappeared! Anyone know what gives?

Do you mean the Aristo roller bearing trucks? The newer versions with the hollowed out backs work just fine. The older versions with the flat wheel back will require some modifications to the truck sideframes.

I will see what I have. I’m on the fence with my trains right now. Seriously thinking about selling everything. Not a health thing, just losing interest I think.

Yes the Aristo roller bearing trucks. I want to cast copies of them and then add my own 6mm x 3mm roller bearings to them. I think I must have the older flare backed style as the back of the truck is smooth.

I just got an e-mail from Gary Raymond. I casually know him from way back. He is still in the wheel business and says the website should be back up by tomorrow. Call him if you have questions.

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Gary’s daughter maintains it for him, and the Price List used to be out-of-date, so when you emailed with an order you got back a different price quote. :slightly_frowning_face:

I volunteered to fix it for him but I think he preferred to have his daughter take care of it. Maybe she finally got around to it. :grin: