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Garden Trains Annual

Hi all,

Yesterday I received the debut issue of Garden Trains Annual and it’s very good. In particular, Kevin Strong has a good article about the changes in the hobby over the years and his optimism for the years ahead. Nice work!


Kevin Strong could be enough to pull me into a subscription (

Ok, Seems I’ve got quite a lot of money in my Large Scale train magazine budget for some reason. I’ve placed the order.

I thought it was a bit pricey but I bought one anyway to encourage them.

Ordered my back in February. I never found a publication date. Nice to know that they are finally mailing. I bought it for the same reasons that Pete mentioned.

Maybe a bit pricey, but it has 114 pages in its first issue. Seem like it would’ve taken two or three of the late issues of Garden Railways to come up to that many pages! Turns out there’s an article in the first issue by my son as well, with several pics taken on my railroad.


Matt Hutson said:

Turns out there’s an article in the first issue by my son as well, with several pics taken on my railroad.

Hey, cool!

Oh, it is published by the same outfit who have RMC now.

And right here in Missouri!

In the Introduction to Garden Railways

it says

1:29 is a legacy scale used on the former Aristo-Craft line. Some of this tooling is now owned and produced by Bachmann Trains. Piko is currently offering some of its North American-style equipment in this scale as well.

No mention of USA trains or AML. I guess they didn’t pay to advertise. (

…and…Piko does not produce much, or anything in 1:29 scale for the North American market.

Most of their NA product line, if not all, is 1:32, or perhaps 1:22.5. Most are made from old MDC molds…at least the majority of them resemble that line from the past.

Obviously; very little research went into this publication, other than a whole lot of “Perdy pictures”…The article by Matt’s son is worth a read…thank you Matt, for pointing it out…

Fred Mills

Just wondering what your,you’re "point is "

Fred,Padre,Friar or what ever nickname you prefer?

“Some” Piko stuff is better than the amount of NEW AristoCraft product coming out right now. 1/32 to me is close enough that I run some on my RR, some Piko and a MTH tank car that doesn’t look out of place. Boxcars come in all sorts of sizes and I see them still rolling today . I will even take some of LGB’s stuff with its rubber ruler

I got mine the other day. I’m enjoying and the articles are well done. Nice to see a publication that doesn’t take me 5 minutes to go through. Not many ads is a plus. As always great article from Kevin.

Just got my copy. While i am still perusing it, I have to say it has:

  1. A good hi / low mix in terms of projects.
  2. A whole article on sugar can cars!
  3. An optimistic tone right off the bat without sugar-coating some of the hits the hobby took in the last 24 months (Kevin Strong’s editorial with his observations are, for wont of a better expression, are an insider’s look at the hobby that matched my own observations as an outsider who left ~1991 and returned ~2012.).

Without diminishing the effort of GRNews, which I thoroughly enjoy, I think it is important to have a professionally published hard-copy “journal.” I’m hoping this will become a semi-annual production, and, if not, I look forward to seeing what next year’s edition will bring.