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So now that Garden Railways went to 4 issues (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

Has anyone receiver the Spring 2019 issues with Digital or Print ? My subscription says 3 issues remaining, but the last digital issue I got was December, 2018

I was just looking at Spring 2019. Says I am good to December 2020. I was hoping I had more time than that, but, hey, ya never know.

Welcome John K

Yes, the Spring issue has been out since February.

If you haven’t received it, give them a jingle.




I had the same problem. when I contacted them they said Zimo would send me a message when the issue was available to me. I just kept checking back and after a couple of weeks it was available for download. never heard fro Zimo.

for now I have not renewed for any further issues. hopefully they will get there act together down the road.

Al P.

I had a number of problems with one of GR’s sister publications (Finescale Modeler) and worked with Kalmbach and Zinio. Zinio was always great but Kalmbach wasn’t, with the exception of Becky James, Customer Relations & Office Services Supervisor at Kalmbach, who was very responsive and took care of things for me. Apparently there were some issues with the pipeline between Kalmbach and Zinio which hopefully have been fixed by now.

In the course of all that, I was told that the Summer issue of GR should be in our Zinio libraries by end of day April 26.

It’s hard to have much fault when a company makes a big change in how it operates. There are bound to be some glitches and some missed things in these changes, I was hoping to see larger issues when they went to quarterly, first one was diverse so for me it’s a positive so far. Give it a few to see how the new guy runs it.

Well, so far I am not pleased with the new folks. I have not received any new issues since December of 2018. I just sent my third and last request to them to get this resolved. I understand there will be hiccups when changes occur and I respect that, but it should not take 3 attempts to get the problem solved. I also have a similar issue with Kalmbach on the MRR side. I ordered a copy of the digital issue of “Great Model Railroads 2019” back in December and I have yet to receive it. I have made 3 attempts to get that resolved also to no avail. To say I am a little ticked with the new staff would be putting it mildly.

Sorry for the rant.

Dan, had a similar problem about a year ago and found that a phone call worked better than anything

I wrote to them. Let’s see if I get a respons, if not I willl call the magazin. I’ll keep you all posted