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G scale layout for sale

I responded to a local guy who had placed an ad on Ebay and we got chatting. His name is Wes. He lives in Falmouth MA. He is in the process of selling his late Fathers train collection and I asked him if he knew about this forum, he did not. I asked him if it would be okay to put an ad up here with his contact info and he agreed.
I didn’t think about this at the time so I didn’t get any photos or prices. He will work with you on prices and the more you buy the better the deals. He had 3 nice but used bridges including an arched steel one. 12" corrugated pipes for tunnels, a pile of used track, a big stack of new track with 10’ and 16’ diameter curves and long straight pieces. He also had new and used LGB 16000 and wide diameter Aristo switches. He had piles of rolling stock, boxcars, hoppers, gondolas and several engines. A USAT Mighty Moe in Chessie and a NH 44 ton were standouts. He had all kinds of bits and pieces. There was a dual rail bender and some tools such as a mini table saw that was about 1/4 the size of a regular one perfect for ripping scale lumber. There was also a mitre saw of the same brand.
I don’t remember seeing buildings.

He is ready to ship but I think he would rather find some local buyers.

His name is Wes and his number is 774 392 5021 Tell him that you saw the ad on here and that Todd sent you.

He is not giving away the trains so please do not waste his time but there are deals to be had.