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G Scale Freight Car Specials!

Here’s the link to some New Year freight car specials!

Bachmann only for those who are curious.

Is the Bachmann Spectrum the 1:20 scale?

Sean McGillicuddy said:

Is the Bachmann Spectrum the 1:20 scale?

Yes indeed.

OOh, tempting…I need more tanks and a few more box cars…


Only the cars with 88xxx are 1:20.3.

They are also labelled Spectrum

I need more rolling stock like I need another hole in my empty head. :wink:

So, I will take one of those, and that one looks nice, and maybe…

Those 3 bay hoppers look nice. There was a thread somewhere, a few years back, about massaging them into 70 ton hoppers in 1:29.