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G gauge, Military railroad

14’ x 5’ dual gauge (O and G) military railroad.

Looks good. More?

That’s pretty cool. What is number 8 kitbashed from? Cab and hood look for sure in the flavor of GE’s industrials of various sizes and gauges.

Number 8 has a Bachmann 45 ton diesel cab with two of the hoods spliced together. It sits on one of the new RC Lionel Lionchief U-36 diesels with sound. The G gauge loco is a 45 ton cab on a MTH diesel chassis with Proto 2 sound. I will try to add another photo.

Thanks for the inquiry.


Gee, I see people modeling Us Army, but I never see anyone modeling Then Army. How can there be an an Us versus Them, without a “Them”?

HLW makes an army play set using their mack diesel.

Great military themed layout… enjoy your operations!

Ah, okay, thanks. Even though you probably already have plenty of industrial locomotive references, here’s a website with lots of photos of various makes and models through the decades

They have all the way from this to 130 ton GEs.

Fellow LSC’ers,

Just finished my Navy switcher and thought I would post a pic.


looks good. specially the open hood.