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Fun & Games 1:20.3 Figures

You may have read about Fun & Games producing a new line of painted 1:20.3 (F scale) figures. Allen hasn’t got his website up to date yet ( but he’s been at a few shows selling them for $10. (Regular price is $12.) I think there are about 20+ new ones - actually 10 or 12 painted two different styles. A lot of logging poses, plus railroad workers and some, ahem, scantily clad females.

Anyway, I got a package from Allen this week, and I took a pic to show you how they look. I mixed in a few others.

On the left is the usual Bachmann guy with hat for contrast. (He’s strange, but almost 1:20.) The 3 new seated guys from Fun & Games, 3 standing guys with a young “lady” behind next to Ted, (who’s an old SLM 1:20 figure, with his hat pushed back.) The last two are Bachmann Europe 1:19th figures. Two of the standing guys are actually the same figure, with different paint.

This link is to a larger version of the above, so you can inspect the details.

Hey Pete,

You work that Bachmann guy’s hat off and he’s bald, just like a bunch of old railroaders. Good picture of choices, thanks.

I’ve also been stocking up on 1:20 ladies. Many, many moons ago someone found a bunch (5) of “Xtreme sports beach volleyball” figures, which just happen to be 1:20 scale, though they are a bit thin and tall - guess beach volleyball players are all ex-models? The gent who found them fitted them with period dress, thus reducing the surprise factor of the skimpy swimsuits. The legs and other parts come off, so they can be ‘adjusted’. There are about 3 or 4 sets now (on eBay. Watch the sizes!)

I put one in each coach, as a sort of ‘easter egg’ - occasionally someone notices. All are properly dressed - well, they are wearing clothes.

Here’s a typical one straight out of the package.

and there’s lots more.