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Friends and family finds

All of my friends and family know I play with trains.
One of my friends came by earlier today to bring me this awesome water tank he found at our local Kohl’s After Christmas sale for 95% off.
If I can figure out how to make the legs a little taller I can install an Evans Design blinking light in the hole that is already in the conical top.

Maybe start at the top and add a new whole set of legs , if you can find a slightly bigger tubing and trim it to fit over the existing legs, or build a building or block wall to raise it up to height needed

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great find, never know where you can find things

Thanks Peter.
I was looking for some copper tubing at our Lowes or Home Depot to do just that.
I ordered the blinking like too.

When you need some hardware, also consider [McMaster-Carr].
( They carry a LOT of stuff and deliver VERY quickly.

Bruce, my go-to supplier for all my fasteners and metal is McMaster Carr. They have been for over forty years.

That is a great find.