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Free wire anyone?


When wiring signs at work I regularly have a bunch of left over wire cut from supplied pigtails on lit letters. I’ve been hording it for myself for years, but my supply has exceeded my storage capacity. I hate throwing out usable stuff, so I’ll offer it up here for just the cost of shipping.

This week I have this bundle of approximately 15 of each white and gray of what I think is 18 gauge stranded wire, about 24" in length each. I should be able to cram this and more in a small Flat Rate Priority Mail box, which is running around $11 now. Not sure if that ends up being any savings over just buying it. You tell me…

I think this will be the first time I will have passed on one of your generous offers.

But thanks anyway, Jon!

There has been overwhelming interest in this give-away; probably because the freight cost exceeds the value. Accordingly, I’m going to rescind the offer and start tossing wire :frowning:

Don’t you know you just invited Mr. Murphy over to your house?