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Free scale chart from Garden Railways (Kalmbach)

A very comprehensive scale chart is available free for download from the Kalmbach Garden Railways web site.

Well worth downloading in my view.

Alan - Could you post a direct link to the chart? A search for Scale Chart on the GR website returns 33 results, but none of them look right. Some is subscriber only content.


i downloaded it this is where i went.

you have copy the whole address hope this is ok with Allen

and the pdf

Fine by me Richard: I only put a blanket url as I was uncertain about GR’s reaction to my post.

Thanks Richard

Yeah well, less than impressive and a very long answer where a short one would do.

Scale = ratio of the model to the master e.g 1:10 or 2:1

The model can be smaller than the master (first ratio), but it could also be larger (second ratio)

Gauge = distance between the rails of a railway track

LGB is not a scale, LGB is a manufacturer.

1:22.5 has a proper designation in the NEM-Morop standards, it is designate II (Roman 2).

BTW the designations go back a long way, they were originally decided on in the early 1900s by Märklin. The other mfgs of the period followed suit.

I think Scottychaos’ chart was waaaaaay better at explaining this subject than the GR version.