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I read several hobby forums, one of which is Model Railroad Hobbyist online magazine and forum. The owner, Joe Fugate, penned an excellent which touched on several topics that have come up on LSC. 169.MRH24-03-Mar2024

I am only trying to share what I feel is good information. BD, if I have overstepped my bounds please feel free to remove this post.

Seems like BD has all that in place. And since a few have been removed from the site, the issues spoke of have gone away


i second that.
this forum is a friendly place.


I commend BD for his willingness to reign in the crowd and remove the problem people. This site is unique in how well we all get along and how we do more than trains but are a part of each other’s lives. Families fight and that’s fine. But we also come together and this group is great about it. I wouldn’t still be here if it was “just” a forum. I consider the vast majority of you to be friends and a few of you to be family.

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Amen to that! I like it here. I read it every day. :innocent:

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Great post on MRH, I hadn’t seen that one. It really does echo how I try and run the place here, just pretend you’re in my living room talking. Be Nice. Zero politics or religion. The way you do things that work well on your railroad is the way you should be doing things, but not how I should be doing things on my railroad. Pot-stirrers are given multiple chances to correct themselves, then asked to leave, then shown the door if they dont.


You cannot underestimate the value of this effort on your part!


Well put. There are those that seem to jump on their soapbox whenever the opportunity arises to state their way is the only way, and anything less is looked down upon. With the challenges the large scale community faces in the United States, we really need to encourage and support anyone coming into “G.”

This regardless if they have an empire or Playmobile running endless laps in a circle. We need them all……