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For Sale - Kadee 909 new, 9 pair

Selling (9) un-opened Kadee 909’s, that’s a pair so you can do 9 cars. These are the large offset truck mounted couplers. New in the package, never opened. $60 plus actual USPS shipping (TBD) Zelle/Venmo preferred, let me know if you are interested.

moved over to Facebook. Sold in under 5 minutes.

Good job.
Just curious, how / where did you sell them on FB?

There’s a g scale swap and shop group. Deals will go fast, no deals linger forever…

Yep, I am going to unload all my excess Aristo stuff there.

Cliff the same group that Mr. Townsend mentioned. I was headed to get my mail at the post office and decided to toss the couplers up there. Within less than 5 minutes, i had a buyer and the money. He had his tracking number within 20 minutes of purchase.

That’s pretty amazing. And no 15-20% to ebay.

Nope, and no money grubbing or rubbing two nickels together!