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For Sale @ ECLSTS

I have a few things for sale, if anyone is interested. I will post pictures later if anyone is interested. If not, I won’t bring them. All appear to be 1/32.

  1. PRR N-8 Caboose, brass. Cannot find manufacturer’s sticker. Body mounted couplers.
  2. Three handmade Streamlined Baggage/RPO cars. Not a lot of detail. 2 decalled for PRR, one for United States Mail. Painted PRR red.
    Only going to bring these if somebody wants to buy. Only going to do pictures later today or tomorrow if anyone really interested.
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What do they look like Lou. sight unseen doesn’t work :sunglasses:

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First try to upload pix:

Wow, that was easy! Going to try the RPO & Baggage.

thanks for the pic Lou. I’m still thinking on the RPO’s they just haven’t hit the right notes for me :sunglasses:

They are all the same color, just one was taken outside, 2 inside.
I’ll be glad to make you an offer you can’t understand.

They are made of some non-magnetic metal. Probably made by the Krell.

The caboose was made by Aristocraft in small run

Aristo was 1/29, this is obviously smaller, probably 1/32. It looks small when run with other Aristo stuff.


It mite be a Accucraft 1/32 model they did the N8 ones