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For Sale-Arito-Craft Southern Pacific Dash 9

I’m in the process of selling my 1/29 models and track. First up here is a really nice Aristo-craft dash 9. Very little run time, maybe five hours. I will describe it and post photos. It is equipped for battery operation with 14.8volt plug in battery, Airwiie G2 decoder, and Phoenix sound. One battery included. Kadee #1 couplers. I will include a pair of Kadee G scale1850 knuckles if desired. They are a direct swap out. Price is $975.00 plus shipping. UPS ground.
These are the current Airwire and Phoenix settings. They of course can be changed by the buyer.
Address 8173
Frequency 7
All lights can be turned on or off at full brightness even when stopped.
Function key assignment
0 headlights
1 manual bell
2 manual horn
3 grade crossing horn
4 dynamic brakes
5 ditch lights. Ditch light will flash for 10 seconds with manual horn and then go back solid.
6 diesel working sound and cruise control
7 hot box detector recordings
8 cab chatter recordings
9 diesel prime mover run up. 1-8
10 diesel prime mover run down
11 porch lights
12 wheel squeal

This unit has light weathering.

Hi Paul,

I’m interested in your SP D9. By chance any of the other units there still available? Also any D&RGW

Deleted post. It was supposed to be a PM.

Paul, I really all the work you puti nto that GP38-2 but I’m trying to stick with prototype equipment, if that was a GP40 I would be all over that! Any of those other SP units available along with that D9? I do like the flat. Maybe work on a package sale here! :slight_smile:

Paul, Also any SP or SSW AML high cubes or other SP, Rio Grande rolling stock?

Paul - BTW wanted to ask are you going to a different scale. You’ve always had such awesome stuff! I have an 1/8 scale SP GP60 I’ve been working on…

WP stuff too I’m interested in…

PM me. My last post was supposed to be a PM, not a post. You caught that D&RGW did not have any GP38-2’s. I do have some of what you want. And no, not going to another scale. Just time to move on. Getting older and losing some interest in maintaining the layout. I might continue with some modeling.

The Rio Grande GP38-2 that Mike was referring to is sold.

The dash 9 is sold. I still have more models to sell after I get caught up.

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