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For all you Buster Keaton fans

The Railrodder…

Thanks Ken, nice early morning movie.

watched it yesterday… forwarded it to the wife, she was watching it this morning…

Her only question was: ““What did you get me into??”” :slight_smile:

The Railrodder was Keatons last film, Andy and all, if you’ve never seen Keatons silent films you really need to search them out. “The General” and “Our Hospitality” being the two best railroad films.

BTW did you know Keaton was a major railfan most of his life? In his retirement he drove his wife nuts with a house full of model trains…where have I heard that before? This was due mostly from filming The General.

Keaton’s The General: AWESOME FILM !!!

great movie watching this morning. I think the General is my favorite though :slight_smile:

I just came across a YouTube of Buster Keatons famous chase scene that has been cleaned up with AI!

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“The Iron Mule” 1925. For anyone who’s seen Keaton’s Our Hospitality here is a short made using the same train set. Keaton loaned it to his good friend Fatty Arbuckle who’s studio then made this with Al St John in lead. This is one of the very best silent movies I have ever seen. BTW Keaton is in the movie uncredited as one of the indians and he helped write several of the gags which were not used in Our Hospitality. This is an absolute Hoot! Enjoy

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