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I was wondering if any of you graphics people out there can identify the fonts used on the tender and locomotive.

It would be easier for me if I could just print out what I want, instead of having to draw it up.



I would think a variant of Railroad Roman. you could try Ben Coffman’s Site. he has several variations.


Is there a photo of the font you’re looking at?



Kevin, I guess you cannot see the photo posted for some reason.

Thanks Al.

A more flat on picture, albeit a blurrier one too.

Hi Dave… Try these fonts



They could be part of the RRRoman line but look more like the 2 above…

Holler if you need them. I can copy them to you in an email… (

The “&” is a special character… I don’t think I’ve seen that in a “modern” font. You may have to “draw” the “&”… Here’s a special one that I had to “draw”

I did a further search and came up with this font for the “&”… It’s very close… Impossibilium BRK Easily edited with Photo shop to match the tender…

The Georgia font, at least the version I have, doesn’t have the serifs on the top of the A.

A web search shows the examples of the URW Antigua also doesn’t have the Serifs.

I may have to draw it out.

Thanks Stan, guys.

Yup, yer rite, Dave… The serifs would need to be added… File attached from playing around… (

Dupe post…

Stan, for some reason I cannot open the attached file.

David, sorry 'bout that… Try this one… it’s a jpg…


Double Dupe… program going wild… ('C_FW_Rail.jpg

Mick, that’s it. Thanks.

Stan, for some reason I am unable to open any of your links.

Most interesting, David… I’ll attach it here…

C&FW Tender Lettering

Nope. Me neither. Are you logged in to the https: version of LSC? If not, that could be our problem.

EDIT: Now that is weird. First time I tried opening I got Page Not Found. Posted the above then tried again and it opened. SMH

Now I can continue working on my insanity. Thanks guys.

So I spent the afternoon with MS paint, and when it came time to paste the lettering into the artwork, I discovered that its too long, and not quite the right font. But hey, its close enough for this non-rivet-counter. I just had to alter the image by compressing it horizontally a bit.

That should be good enough to put on an HO Tyco 10 wheeler, if I ever get that far.

Incidentally, MS paint behaves different in Winders 10 then it did in XP (or 7), and that caused me quite some frustration.

Once I settle on the actual colours, its a simple matter to go back into MS paint and change them before I have the thing printed out.