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Foam for buildings

Question for the collective hive…

Insulation foam that is bought in big box stores is 1/2", 1" and 2" thickness. Folks are using it for buildings.

I might have sourced some free sheets of 1/2" white foam. I’m wondering if it’s worth picking up and using for my building structure core.

Depends, is it bead board or extruded? If bead board leave it lay, if extruded it could have some use but will be subject to extreme warping in such thin sheets.

It’s the bead stuff. Worth using for roads if I covered it with the concrete patch stuff/grout?

Or just walk away from it and move on.

Your call, but me, I’d walk

I cross posted on Facebook as well and the majority opinion is to walk as well.

I think that’s what I’ll do if I’m hearing the same thing from a variety of sources.

I’m building several building fronts for my inside shelf railroad, I use the extruded foam sold a Home Depot. The white Styrofoam doesn’t work well for me in most cases, ok if you are going to glue a covering over it, but does not cut and carve well. I also use the Proxxon Foam Cutting table and the hand held cutting hot wire tools for model making.

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Depends on how old it is
Bead does not like the sun

My first structure of foam, cut, carved, etc., fun project to build.

That’s the blue/pink stuff. I was asking about the white beaded stuff.

I decided to pass on the white stuff.


i would pick it up.
but i’m used to build with junk.

if you are afraid, that it might not be stiff enough, glue a sceleton of woodsticks to the inside.
for making a facade, use exterior housepaint, or white cement (the type that goes between bathroom tyles)

No problem building with junk stuff, I do it all the time, especially all my wood is cut on my table saw to size, mainly use cedar as you can see in my pics, that’s what I got for free. The price of one 4x8 sheet of foam is pretty low considering how many building fronts you can get out on one sheet.