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Florida hi speed rail line

I just learned about the new “Brightline” rail line today, and drove by the huge Orlando station which is slated to open this year. Orlando is the northernmost station, and the line will continue west to Tampa, and in the other direction south to Miami (with numerous stops).

Pretty cool that a new railroad system is coming online! BTW, this isn’t a rendering, it’s really what the station looks like.

I’ve heard about this project. It is the first private passenger rail service in the U.S. in about a half century, if not more. I thought it ran afoul of NIMBY-ism, though, like our struggling commuter line. Nice to see they are making progress!


Its been a couple of years being built at the airport next stop Disney :smiley:

Blockquote [Florida hi speed rail line]

I don’t think it is very ‘high speed’, though it may be in the far distant future.

There are still issues with street-level running through the congested towns. I know they complain in Palm Beach about the horns!