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Florida Deland Railfair

Had a fun day with a fellow G scaler at the Deland Railfair, good display but probably be a disappointment to those up north but a good one for us down here in a small area, it is a 2 day even which is always good. Best news is Fl life steamers are moving it a fair grounds in Palm Coast which will be fun to attend, lots of good displays and various scale displays, lots of vendors, no steals in G scale but I got a very, very good deal on a Bachmann log skidder on a flat bed car with metal wheels. It was pretty much confirmed by a dealer who has the rights to build and sell Colorado, structures that the company is no longer apparently the owner has fallen ill, best for him an his family. Fun show if you have time worth attending, Bill

can you share contact info for the guy selling the Colorado structures?


No I can’t I purchased some plain folk figures from them but didn’t get their car, I’ll check with a friend that was their also and see if he remembers, I just know what the lady told me. Bill

FWIW, I think those are the folks who showed up at the last 2 conventions and the ECLSTS as well

They have pre-made and painted CO structures, very nicely done and reasonable prices.

Now if I could just find their name…


No I can’t just purchased just plain folk from her and all I know was what she told me, I’ll reach out to some friends that were there and see if they have any info, Bill

Greg and Jerry one of my friends got their cards


Great Bill, thanks, bookmarked the web site.

It’s been a while, what was the consensus as to scale?


on which item