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Flat car bulkheads

Dan Gilchrist has a bunch of models up on Thingiverse. I grabbed these and scaled them to fit on 1:20.3 flat cars. Test fit seems to be right. Need to remove the end grab irons to position these correctly. Second one is on the printer currently.

Well, this isn’t terrible, Well, the flat car isn’t terrible, but the state of my workbench is.

that came out looking good.

All the credit here goes to @manimal and his files. I just resized them.

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He does great work that is for sure. I have my printers back up and need to start printing out some shorty tankers of his.

Nice to see you were able to adapt it for your purpose @rmccown-admin Which flat car is that? BTW: I have migrated my designs and added some to my new home at Printables

That’s an impressive collection Dan!

That’s a Bachmann 1:20.3 flat.

Thanks Jon! I have many more to add. Believe it or not I have now drawn over 2200 large scale related parts!

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Some progress on the conversion. Some grabs and steps from Phil Dippel. Now to do the other three corners.

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Ok, grabs and steps done.


Dan/ Manimal, what car is the original files made for? I have a couple of USA and a couple of LGB flatcars, just curious as to which they fit thanks

The LGB long flat.

It’s my rendition of the Gunderson car.


That’s what I have! I will contact my favorite 3D printer and see if he can make them, but he had an unexpected move recently! :slight_smile:

Oh, I guess I didn’t take pictures of the final product.

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I didn’t move. . . :rofl: