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Flanger plans

Any one have scale plans for a flanger?

Iain Collingwood said:

Any one have scale plans for a flange

I believe

NGSL Gazertte did an article with plan check their index.

Found it, just need to work out the scaling

This is it




What you folks do back channel or off the forum is none of my business, but I enjoy this forum too much to see folks do what they know is ILLEGAL.


A little over the top, isn’t it?

LSC won’t and isn’t responsible for members pics.

No John, I don’t think so. The subject has come up before and Bob asked folks to please not post copyrighted material on the forum. And yes, Bob is responsible as it is his forum and he controls it, therefore he is responsible for the content. He prefers us to self police, I am exercising my responsibility to self police. As I stated above, what folks do back channel or off the forum is none of my business.

It is so easy to contact folks through the message system and swap information via email, there is no reason to jeopardize the forum. As for your comment on MLS, that is their business. Since Shad sold it I find there is little content there that I am interested in as most of the content is for the burnt finger crowd.

Lain and anyone else building a flanger.

Here are some reference pictures I took two years ago. No measurements but I hope it will help you with certain details.

These are my pictures and I have declared them public domain. You may use and circulate them freely. Hope they help you out.

Flanger OL at Chama, New Mexico 2017.

Flanger OK at Chama, New Mexico 2017

…and that is all I am going to say about that.

Bob, I don’t do MLS. I have no idea what you are talking about.

And I completely disagree with you and lets leave it at that and move on.

Read this on the copyright…

basically, the forum owner can no longer be sued for a member posting copyrighted information


the forum owner takes certain precautions: (and in my opinion, Bob has NOT done these)

here are SOME of the things that must be done:

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So, it would be best if we did not post copyrighted material, for Bob’s sake, but definitely for the poster!!!