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Fixing links referencing the old site

Hi Bob -

Many of my build threads reference other threads with a link. When the website was updated all of these links got broken. Is there a way for me to figure out what the new URL would be without searching out the tread?

Example - This link in an old bridge build tread does not work:

I think I found an easy way to fix them. If I Google “ topic 159988” I can find the new reference for the thread.

trying to do this on a really old thread and not having any luck

this is for the Bachman K-27 mods. looking specifically for the side play mods.

all i get is the info is private or moved on a 404 error.

Any help appreciated.

Al P.

I was never able to come up with a fix.

I’d give Dave a call. He probably has all this stored in his archives :smiley: If you don’t have his number, I’m sure we can come up with it.

BTW, Was repairing boxcars last evening and digging in my Bachmann spare parts bin and found two OEM stirrup steps. I know I still owe you a test fit of the 3D printed ones you sent, but currently all my boxcars have intact stirrups. Would good close-ups of the two side-by-side help you?

The late Matthew Brown (Mathew OV - Damn I miss him) posted this in 2008. Not specific instructions, but a hint…

And I hate to promote Greg’s site as he does that with every breath, but some of TOC’s info is there: Improving the K27

That was all a quick Google search turned up. Might be more.

Thanks Jon. was looking for dims on the spacers, thought i had archived. am finding some of my new scenery needs adjusting, and looking to install the spacers to see if it helps.

Al P.

Here is a link to my “Major K27 Overhaul” thread. I describe how I accomplished the side play fix based on TOC’s advice Major K27 overhaul

There is a simple fix for the linking issue. Some time back I thought Bob had put instructions somewhere. It is simple, but each and every link will need to be modified individually. Maybe look in the Web Site section.

I think I remembered how to fix them… Remove the parenthesis from the link in the post. You will only be able to edit your own posts, posts by otherw will need to be done by them.


Thanks Bob. i didn’t realize it was a total lockup. i may be able to make a two piece 3d printed part in my durable resin, that i can screw together with 00-90 screws( i make a pocket for the nut)

Al P.

Seems to work for me?

Al, This is not a total lock up, but near for side to side play. The four axles being allowed the ‘excess’ side play is to allow the locomotive to negotiate an 8 foot circle (4 foot radius). It is also a prime reason (according to TOC) for the tendency to derail in the early part of a curve. The loco enters the curve and the lead axle side slides and as the second axle enters the curve the lead axle ‘snaps’ back toward center creating the unstable condition.

As for the spacer, keep in mind that there is likely to be lubricating oil from the mail bearings and from the rod pins that will find it’s way into that area. If using any kind of plastic or resin, be certain that it will tolerate the lubricants you use on those rotating joints.

Hope this helps some.