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Fixing a ten year old drainage issue!

I’ve had and on going issue over the years during heavy storms and snow melt. Hopefully this works, in the process I straightened up a bit an S curve and are freshening up the ballast on deadman’s curve.

John, good post. And it looks like your solution involved the new shiny rocks in the foreground, and new sand near the track, correct?

Also looks like there is a mesh of some kind beneath the larger rocks?

I imagine all that would help, but it would be cool if you posted a pic or two of what was there before.

From this one photo, I’d guess that your sand will quickly wash down into the larger rocks. What you could easily do is pour a small-mesh gravel, ~1/4", over everything. This would fill the voids in your large rocks, and lock them into place. And give the sand somewhere to land on (though that will need replenishment as the rains come).

In other words, each size of rock should be backed up by a much smaller size of rock, to fill voids and stabilize. And you’re almost there.

Just an opinion though, and thanks for posting here.


Cliff actually the rocks, decomposed granite have been in place over ten years? The curve didn’t exist, so I hauled in rocks, built the curved rock wall and then backfilled with local DG. So the rock wall was “free standing” vs simply rocks piled against the slope.

Wow, I totally misinterpreted your photo John, my bad!!

Thanks for explaining. Yeah, the DG holds great; most of my layout is bounded by a short wall made of it.

Yours looks great!

I removed some of the DG and tossed on the rocks to reduce the glare (ha) tossed a couple bags of small stones. We will see if this will tolerate the spring showers and monsoon season.

My Canadian friends keep telling me if I get battery/RC I will not need to clean the tracks. I cannot wait to get one and test that out

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Looking great!!


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Track back in service, still leveling etc to be done. I do need some Canadians from Ottawa to work on my track. Amtrak