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Fitting a quart into a pint pot

I recently acquired one of the tiny Bachmann Davenport locos and fitted RCS battery R/C, batteries and MyLocosound.

The stock Bachmann pcb was removed and a new styrene plate cut to fit using the original internal stanchions and screws to hold it in place.
The ALPHA-3v2 combined RX/ESC sits on the styrene sheet with the LT-SW4 extra sound triggers pcb.
I mounted the new MyLocosound diesel sound under the hood cover for easy access.

The wiring is not as neat as I would normally do.

The 4 x AA size 850 mah battery pack fits just under the styrene sheet.

The ON-OFF switch was mounted under the front of the loco.

All buttoned up with the new RCS TX-21+ handpiece with Inertia control.

Loco is very smooth and steady on the track but on rollers it wobbles terribly. Go figure.

Nice install Tony, Is it possible that the counter weights are hitting the rollers causing the wobbles? The top left counter weight in your picture even looks scuffed.

Thanks Randy.

No chance the counterweights are hitting. I think the reason TW were offering them cheaply was because they do wobble. That is quite normal with such small wheelbase locos. However it is not that noticeable on the track. OK by me. I can live with it as the mechanism is really smooth. No binds etc.

I have a 4-6-0 with a brand new chassis that wobbles a bit too on rollers. It to is nice and smooth on a track though.

The wobble is because the rollers are not sitting squarely on the rails.

The loco then runs on three of the four wheels and rocks slightly

Drove me nuts looking for the reason once.


Thanks Bill.
I am not really concerned as it is fine on the track.

Nice, Tony! Who says “Tetris” doesn’t teach life skills? :wink:



Thanks Kevin.

I have never played a computer game. Ever!! Could never see the point of them.

Very impressive Tony.

All you need now is a working link to the installation instructions. pdf for the ALPHA-3v2 combined RX/ESC and we’ll all be queuing up!



Thanks Mike.

I am updating the RCS website at the moment. I actually finished the instructions yesterday and will have them linked soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Edit notes. PDF Instructions now linked.