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First snow run of the season

Got our third snow of the season but first chance to run in it last week.


Shawn This is great looking … Snow, smoke etc … :ok_hand:


Please keep the snow by you… :innocent:

Great video, Shawn. Thanks for sharing. I now have my snow fix for the season :grin:

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Too true…

yet, it takes less and less each year…

Bruce, on the rare occasion we get the amount of snow featured in Shawn’s video, people around here lose their minds and everything shuts down for days :blush:

Reminds me of when we moved to Lexington, KY back in 1977. They doubled their snowplow force that year…and NOBODY went to school in January. Yeah. TWO snowplows…who would have EVER guessed?

You forgot how the heck does he hide that pull string!

We had a 7 footer here about 15 years ago … I spent 7 days plowing the drive down to the highway …
once I got there found the highway abandoned with about 4’ of snow still on it! Took the state another 6-7 days to get it open :cold_face: