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First plantings of 2023!

So today is January 1st, and with it we have welcomed a nice warm spell here in seacoast New Hampshire…At the same time Lowes was selling their miniature festive (decorated) Alberta spruce trees and boxwoods at 75% off! Rather than leave them in the garage to dry out and die, I’ve decided to just plant them now in this brief opportunity that has left the ground thawed and let nature take its inevitable course. Also turned out to be a great day to run trains for 2hours!


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I hope planting them is the trick!

A few years back I bought a half dozen Alberta Spruces on closeout from Walmart. Keeping them indoors in the basement proved to be the kiss of death. Even with regular watering I lost them all by spring.

We are having a warm spell here too. I should go look and see if they have them here and plant a few.

Both Home Depot and Lowe’s guarantee there plants for a year even if you bought them on closeout. Save your receipt and bring back the dead plants and they will give you new ones or your money back. They don’t own the plants they are sold on consignment. So if you come back with dead ones and they give you new ones it’s the plant company that loses. Key is save the receipt.

(Spent 4 years in the orange box as a garden center employee)

Thanks guys!
With the usual late season sales, I almost exclusively plant these things around Halloween and generally have good luck, but this is quite a bit later for sure!

This year instead of going on sale for the fall, all the Alberta’s were placed in festive little red pots (still in black/green pots underneath) and relabled at full price…but now they are finally on sale!

It will be fun to see what happens, I’m still rather optimistic, but I do know where my receipts are for sure!