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Finishing Up Bat House Loop

On the SJR&P we use combination of horseshoe curves and loops to gain elevation. This spring our big project is to complete the loop at Bat House. This loop has two tunnels and 4 bridges including one large 17 bent trestle that is almost 4ft (80 scale ft) high.

We started this project back in 2015 and like many projects got to a point where it was in operation, but we were still discussing how we wanted it to look so it went on the back burner. This spring when we inspected the area we found that a tree root had moved a rock wall just enough that one of the girder bridges was hanging and some of the temporary supports on the trestle were in bad shape, so we decided to finish the project.

We lengthened the large trestle by 3 bents, built a new turnout to replace one that has a slight S curve, completed some rock walls that were used to support the track in a couple of areas and built the bents needed to complete the trestle. With the design of the trestle finally complete today was moving day.
Today we moved the trestle to the train shed where final construction will take place.

Stan and Deb


Sorry i could not get there too help