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Finished my Yankee Girl mine


WOW !!! Superlative talent !!!

That’s drop-dead beautiful, Scott!!

Thank you Pat for the comment!

Thanks Cliff for taking a look at it!

That mine would look at home “photo shopped” into a 1:1 photo! Magnificent!

Fantastic model of a very cool prototype.

Thank you for the compliment Eric!

Thank you Bob ,!!!

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A pleasure!

Are you going to make a hoist house for it? Or maybe you already did?

Already made the hoist house. I will post better pictures once I have the area where it is to be placed complete. I am using a bass guitar string for the cable.

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Looking forward to seeing it.

Great idea on the guitar string!

I have a picture in my head of me doing that, and then snagging a boot on it since I don’t see that great. So… maybe a dumb idea, but here goes.

You could potentially make a breakaway joint (or two) by cutting the string and JB-welding a small round rare earth magnet on each end. If the diameter is small, the magnets have to be tiny; but I think they can be added in series to increase the force.

Could hide the joints in the hoist house and headframe.

Anyway, the thought comes from Bruce’s log chain magnet joiners which are very effective in their grip (despite tiny size).


I installed a mini cup hook in the hoist house and the string goes into the hoist cable opening on the wall. I used the existing string fitting that goes on the guitar to loop it over the hook. The string is permanently attached to the head frame though.

Here is how the string is attaced

Nice, you’re way ahead of me Scott.
Great setup and models!