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Finely, "THE MURAL"

Hi all, We have been trying for 4 years to get the mural on the side wall of the train shed painted. Well this last Sunday afternoon it finally came to be, just in time for this years open house (next weekend). To explain the Palm Trees; The Southern Pacific Railroad planted Palm Trees in front of it’s depot in this town back in the 1920’s and they were there for many years. The idea is that the Shasta Pacific has yards in the same vicinity as the Southern Pacific and you would be able to see the trees over the top of the building. I try to tie local historical sites and buildings into my layout theme whenever possible. Anyway a few snap shots of the wall area.

Thanks for taking a look. Rick

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Nice job. Did you hand paint all of that ??? Wow !!!

That is really sharp.

Hey Rick, that looks great. It really brings out the building fronts also.


Very nice work Rick!

I’ve been thinking about doing something like that on the garage wall. That looks nice.

backgrounds rule!

i like how detailed you made vegetation and mountains.

neato!!! looks great…

Very nice!

I’d be interested to see what the track arrangement inside the train shed looks like.

Looks Great! Now the question - do you store the trains inside thru the 2 doors?


Very cool! I get the distinct feeling the HOA would say “nyet” to that one if I tried it here.



I like the way it adds depth to the scene. Nice work

Interesting and very well done.

Another fine job Rick! Really looks great.

Wow! Looks really nice. Any issues painting the siding? What type of paint did you use?

Hi All,
Thanks for all the positive comments. We are really pleased with the results.

I did not mean to mislead anyone.
I did not paint the mural! That was done by a friend of my wife’s, the lady is a
commercial artist and art instructor as well as a heck of a nice person.

Well, actually, I did paint the blue sky background and thought I did a bang up job on that;D:D

To answer the couple of questions.
Yes the trains enter the “train shed” through the engine house doors.
The inside is just two spur tracks that actually go into another engine shed inside.
Some where a long time back I posted pictures of this, I will see if I can find one
of the old pictures and repost it.

Hi Bruce,
The building wall (the yellow) was painted with a satin finish exterior acrylic latex.
The mural work was done with exterior acrylic latex flat finish.
The down side was having to buy a quart of each color.
The up side was only needing 5 basic colors and she mixed/blended
everthing from them.

Another plus is that I now have a ton of left over paint for future structures.


Wow! That mural looks great! The buildings look good too!

I have got to change our travel plans next year and stay home in June. Missed you last year and will be in Wisconsin next W/E for your open house. Beatiful work Marty.

Hi all, I couldn’t find any of the old pictures of the inside of the train shed so I went out and took a few new ones. This first picture is looking at the wall where the trains run in and out of the engine shed on the outside. There is a black insulated hole filler under the bridge that removes for train movements. The bridge is a rough copy of one of the first track over-crossings built in this town in the 1920’s.


This view is looking the other way toward the inside engine house.

And here is an overall view of the inside wall of the train shed.

Thanks for taking a look. Rick

Bill, We will miss you. Have a good trip.