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Figures just completed

Hi all, I have just completed a couple of figures and would like to introduce them. Here is Dr. Henery Hurts, dentist, taking a smoke break on the back steps of his office above the back of the McComick-Saeltzer General Store.

A closeup of Dr. Hurts. To bad the photographer wasn’t better qualified. Definitely need to do something about those monster screw heads.

A friend of mine scratch built a blacksmiths car, I decided he needed a blacksmith so here is Tass Arbuckle. As you can see he has been at the trade a good long while.

A little closer look

Well that’s all for now Thanks for your time.
Rick Marty


Very nice Rick. Do you have any pix of the building with the dentist’s office? I don’t think I have seen that one before.


Nice work!

Those look great. Are you using Sculpey?

Wow. Your faces are great.

Anybody remember the doctor smoking while he was examining you?

I remember my dentist smoking while he was drilling a tooth. Squinting through a stream of smoke, the butt in his moth and only taking out every once in a while to ask me if it hurts.
BTW Great job on painting that black smiths apron.

Hi all,
Glad they were of interest.

Yes, I remember, as a very small child, the dentist smoking and the smell of booze, not alcohol, as he worked on me.
That is the basis of this character.

Yes, Sculpy over a picture wire armature. Still have many problems with proportions but I just tell myself that these are charactures not sculptures. Doesn’t make them look any better but helps me enjoy them more.

Hi Brian,
No I haven’t posted any pictures of this building before. It is the last of my building “flats” along the train shed wall and is a representation of a general store that was in business in our town from the 1880’s to the 1950’s. I used foam board and a soldering iron for the medium and main tool, as per Yogi Wallace. If I get a chance I will post some pictures of the "flat and how it was constructed if anyone is interested.

THanks for your time.
Rick Marty

To help with proportions, see … ut oh, the figure articles aren’t at the new MLS yet.

Whew. I found one.

IF one is using the figure inside a car, out of the elements, do you need to bake it , or is it fine without? CAn you paint unbaked Sculpey figures? Jerry

If you don’t bake it, it will crack and fall apart after a while.

The other part of the store build thread.