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Figues Durability Test 2019

So since only two broke, does that down grade their quality ?(

May 2nd

David Marconi,FOGCH said:

So since only two broke, does that down grade their quality ?(

If a 70 MPH wind picked you up and threw you across the yard, wouldn’t you break?

Actually, when compensated for scale, the wind was much faster…

that these two broke might not be a quality issue.

they are two of the three tallest figures. so the whole set-up landed on their heads, not on the shorties’ heads.

the real question is, why the third “giant” did not break? wearing a hard hat??

June 1st.

Five months of harsh weather and the figures seem to be holding up very well. Some slight fading and plenty of hail damage but not as severe as I expected. Heading into the sunniest part of the year now. We shall see how they handle that.

Looking long and hard at the pictures, I must ask if it is the picture coloration or the actual figure coloration, that seems to show that the greatest noticeable change to me is in the skin toning. I can see that the clothes are fading and it’s possible that their mass invades the perception of the amount of fade between the areas.???

Generally, reds, oranges and yellows tend to fade the worst, and this test appears to be bearing that out. The pink shirt on the kid now looks almost white, as does the yellowish shirt on the shorter, pop-eyed guy. Even the green suitcase has lost its yellow and now looks powder blue. But a more accurate judgement could be made if the before and after pictures were taken in the same lighting conditions.

And I dunno what kind of paint was on the Jed Clampet looking dude’s overalls, but his pant legs appear to be shedding that paint in flakes.

July 1st

Chalky haze is accumulating on the Railroad Ave figure and every place the mud was on him the paint was stripped.

Thank you again for the updates Boomer(

bringing to the fore

August 1st

wow , some of them look like they have just been sprayed with some Dullcoat, most are holding up quite well. Maybe some close ups or a comparison picture from 2 of the outside shots, since that is where most of us will be looking at them anyway. Very informative thread Boomer!

Native American, porter and yelling dude seem to be really holding up well, well almost all look like very little wear and tear, ceptin the broken legs/ankles

As always Boomer your figures looks great, before and after fading.


September 1st


Woodland Scenics seem to holding better than any thing else.

October 1

Nov 1st

We are well into the fall season now. Already had our first snow. Sun is low in the sky and certainly well past those long summer days.

Not a lot of visible difference from last month. Just one more monthly update to go.

The midget on the end seems to be handling the duration well !

I think that the worst is 3rd from left. Thanks again Boomer (

My “important” thoughts are, looking at the pictures without seeing them close up, is the 11 months have made them look more lifelike and taken the shine off everything in a good way. Maybe at the end of the experiment some close up of each one to show any paint flaking or deterioration would be a good final. other than the ones that broke at the beginning do you think they are brittle, maybe break an arm on each (interrogation) to see if they are brittle! I am just rambling and throwing ideas around, like I do on chat!

This is so scientific, Boomer, I love it. As Pete said, they all look better after "weather"ing, to me, and it would be good to see some closeups. Though the 10 foot rule would imply that closeups don’t matter, eh?