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Field Guide to Modern Derailment Investigation

I don't know if this would help with the club layout ...

"“The Complete Field Guide to Modern Derailment Investigation” by Gary P. Wolf (Wolf Railway Consulting, 2021, spiral bound softcover, 436 pp., $75.00).

Derailments occur with some frequency on North American railroads. Whether it’s a wheel derailment in a switching yard or an entire train on a busy mainline, these accidents must be investigated, analyzed, and reported to various agencies. There is likely no one more experienced in derailment investigation than Gary P. Wolf. In addition to his 50-plus years in the railway industry, Wolf holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering. He worked for Southern/Norfolk Southern for 17 years, and 33 years in his consulting firms, focusing on the analysis and prevention of derailments. Wolf has also been a source of expertise for major media outlets reporting on derailments and has trained over 1,000 people in the science of accident investigation and derailments."

Years ago the ATSF RR had its own accident investigation school which I I tended while working for the FRA. They even had a pocket manual you could carry around with you. Being that I also worked for several RR before joining FRA I learned a lot about derailment investigations. Some derailments are simple to solve others take a bit more to figure out. The book you listed might be good readying for the novice. Later RJD