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Favorite history videos

Here’s a couple of my favorite history videos. Feel free to post yours.

The Day the Gauge Changed

Westinghouse Air Brakes (the first of several episodes)

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Question, how do you make a link that opens in a new window?

I’ve always liked this one

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I asked that and it is in the user settings (for each user, I think.) My settings say open in new tab.


Open all external links in a new tab”

Thanks Pete, it worked!

Holy cow, I’m surprised the actor – even though he knew what he was doing – had all his appendages after all that!

And if you wondered why the RRs boomed, let me quote from my “Eureka & Palisade” history, which I am halfway through:
Gross revenue: $210,000. Net Income: $107,000.

Sounds like a good business to me.

The topic didn’t state railroads so this is one of my favorites! Wonder if the Ti symbol and atomic number 22 is still active these days on the Russian market? Roosters don’t fly anyway but like how things work.