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Fastening Grabrails

I finally found a Brass Aristocraft PRR N5C Cabin Car. Unfortunately all of the curved handrails were broken off. Now being this is brass, my question is:
What will be the best way to reattach these? Soldering will have to be real fine to not leave globs? Now sure if Super glue will work.
So what is the consensus among our experts? How should I approach this?

The quick-set JB Weld?

It would be easier to answer the question with some pictures.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Well I have never seen brass snap off like that ? I suppose you could try glue but the first time you look at them the wrong way they are gonna fall back off. I bet they were set into holes drilled into the body and that would be the way that I would try and approach it. See if you can remove the stubs out of the body?

Are you sure it is brass?
Aristocraft made metal fittings which look like brass, but are pot-metal. A good example is the filigree work on the short coaches, which does not polish up with metal polish. (I had to paint it gold!)

I would drill out the stubs, and make new brass curved handrails. Make a jig so they are all the same, by drilling end holes in a block of wood and marking the curve to be followed.

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