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I know a bunch of guys here do not like facebook for various reasons, but there has been a LSC Facebook page for a while and I have posted pictures and videos. But this morning I noticed that all the new posts here are mirrored on Facebook, with all comments. I think this is why there have been several new people and some older members have wandered back into the group. I am bringing this up as it dovetails with Devons topic on the furnace and the other topic about dealing with China, and the health of the hobby. Exposure to new people can only be good as some may be looking for new things to either make a hobby or possibly a small business.
Good job, Bob, I like it.

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Yep, I have it set that it will post any new thread on LSC to the Facebook group. There are a LOT of viewers of the FB group, that I’d love to have as members here.

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What is face book ? I’m still trying to figure out this newfangled computer thing… Ugggg

Gran Torino who’s going to be the last one on the block?

I just figured out how to use MySpace

Pete, please do not stir the old farts up! It’s hard enough to shut them up in line at the grocery store checkout.

My dialup internet and commedore64 doesn’t support My Space

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