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Experimenting with 4K video from my phone

I figured out a tripod mount for my new cellphone that has a pretty good camera with 4K video capability. I took lots of video today including a 6 locomotive train. That one needs some editing, but this short one was used to create a new Youtube channel.

Candlewood Valley Scenic Railway 0-4-0 Porter #3 pulls a private varnish consist from the Jackson & Burke railroad up the grade at Coal Dump Curve an a quiet early fall day.


I discovered that even though my camera takes 4K video, and Youtube will process and save it in 4K, my free Windows Movie Maker will not render an edited movie in 4K. Best is 1080P. I don’t do enough video editing to purchase even a basic one. I Googled it and found that you can cheat by creating a Config file for movie maker, but I don’t know if that actually causes it to render in 4K, or just puts a 4K header on a 1080p file. I’m not sure I could tell.

We all enjoyed this! Thanks for taking the time to figure out how to use your new e-toy!