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Expanding ESU and Marklin Command Stations to 12 Amps DCC Track Power

The ESU CabControl DCC System and the ESU ECOS Command Station each come with a 7 Amp DC Power Supplies that will provide each Command Stations with a maximum 7 Amps DCC power to your track layout. The Marklin CS3 and CS3+ have a limited 5 Amps DCC output to your track layout. If you need more amperage to your track layout, you can connect a Massoth DiMax 12 Amp 1202B Digital Booster to any of these DCC systems using a Massoth Booster CAN-Bus Cable, and the Booster is then connected to your main track layout…the track power cables from the ESU and Marklin Command Stations are disconnected from your main track layout. Your track layout will then receive 12 Amps at 22 volts DCC and the operation is still controlled by your ESU or Marklin Command Station. This is an alternative to adding isolated track block sections to your main layout which will then still be limited to 7 amps or 5 amps using ESU or Marklin DCC Booster Units. The components required to provide 12 Amps DCC are available on my Website: Massoth 1202B 12 Amp DCC Digital Booster, CAN-Bus cable, and the Massoth 12 Amp DC power supply.