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🚂 Exclusive G Scale Model Train Collection Sale - Preview Now Live!

Hello fellow train enthusiasts!

I’m excited to introduce our newly launched website dedicated to a remarkable collection of G Scale model trains, tracks, accessories, and so much more. This isn’t just any collection; it’s a curated selection of some of the finest pieces, and I wanted to give this community the first look.

:date: Important Dates:

  • Now: We are currently accepting offers for the entire collection. If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a comprehensive G Scale collection, this is your golden ticket.
  • October 1st: The piecemeal sale goes live. Individual items from the collection will be up for grabs.

:mag: Quality Assurance:
Every engine in this collection has been cleaned and rigorously tested by the esteemed Mr. Dan Pierce, a name many of you might recognize for his expertise in the model train world. The tracks? They’ve been given a thorough cleanup with an air compressor, ensuring they’re pristine and ready for action.

:globe_with_meridians: Website Features:

  • High-resolution images of each item, so you know exactly what you’re getting.
  • Detailed descriptions and histories of select pieces.

I invite you all to visit our website, explore the collection, and perhaps even make an offer on the entire ensemble. This is a rare opportunity, and I wanted to share it with a community that truly appreciates the beauty and intricacy of G Scale model trains.

Thank you for your time, and happy railroading!

I would put it on eBay, I have sold everything I put on there and you can get a little more asking price then I find trying to sell it on your own, this will offset eBays fees. You do get a good discount on shipping which you can’t beat unless you have a business account with one of the shippers. It’s almost impossible to sell a collection without giving a big discount as the buyers you get are all going to be in the resale business, so every getting 50% of its value is almost impossible to do. Don’t take this wrong as we all value our trains and would like to recoup most of the dollars that we put into them, but we all know model trains are not the collectable’s today and values are not what they use to be, I know as well as anyone about this. I’ve just done much better on eBay then any other way I’ve had selling my train items, taking them to train shows today is a lot of work, tables are expensive, and you need a way to put sales on there credit card if you intend to sell much at the show. Good Luck, looks like you have very nice stuff to sell.

A respectable amount of work went into listing all this. Kudos.
Please consider that people use search terms wherever you sell things. So using original catalog numbers but also catalog descriptions will help you sell.
For instance, it is “curved” track, not “angled”

Cut and paste is not your friend. Even the rolling stock has notes pertaining to track.
Sadly there are bad actors everywhere that will show a 10 pack of track but in the description then sell you one piece for a pack price.
So most customers read. And wont buy if there is contradictory information in the description
Good luck.

This is the collection that I had posted about here a few months ago . Check out what Wes has and contact him. I had a nice exchange with him and he is a stand up kind of guy so buy with confidence.

A lot of work is bring done here, and there’s a lot of love behind it. Great job, Wesley.

Since EBay’s fees are getting near 30% these days, and now that they’re filing a 1099-Misc at you for total sales over $600 getting one a nice tax penalty of another 20-30%, I applaud this methodology.

But the key will be getting the word out, of course. I expect you’re covering the bases. But for items of particular value that you need to see decent payment for, you might consider stating your minimum price and then turn all the unsold items to someone like LiveAuctioneers (who deal in high-end collection sales).

Todd, you’re sure in a nice spot, being right there in Cape Cod!

Wesley, I was a bit confused on the listings and purchase details though. As of October 1, will an auction begin? Or, will sales close for those first expressing interest on particular lots (for their stated value)? I guess I missed the instruction page…?

Best wishes and highest hopes for your success,

It does cost to sell on eBay, my % is around 12-13% to sell my stuff. Most of my sales were last year and this year haven’t had much to sell, thank goodness for that, as 2022 was the last tax free year. One thing about eBay buyers will pay more of goods hard to find items and you can up your prices accordingly. So what it comes down to is, sell it now for what you can get, or leave it for the estate sales and pennies on the dollar.

I accepted a buyout offer. This sale is concluded.

Wesley, congratulations!!

Dang …it’s that simple ? Any interest in Amtrak ??