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Evaluating power "Stored Servicable"

The Mechanical Dept. of the Candlewood Valley Scenic Railway Scenic Railway has been tasked by the bean counters to take a hard look at the locomotives listed on the roster as Stored Serviceable and Needing Work. The bean counter logic is that the railroad has plenty of active power to fill all foreseeable needs, and a plan to add a logging division has been abandoned due to the reality of aging.

First to go was a Bachmann Climax. The locomotive was stored in as-built condition for many years, and recently found a new home within the LSC community.

Next up was a surprise disposition. A follower on social media inquired as to the availability of a Bachmann ‘Connie’. The C.V.S.Ry. began a multi-year restoration/modification program on one well over 5 years ago. The locomotive was apart, but complete. To our surprise, this was exactly what the follower wanted and a sale was completed within a few days as a high value basket case!

Recently the mechanical department ran road trials with a 55 Ton Shay. The trials went well, but with plans for the logging spur abandoned, and two smaller Shays on the roster, it was decided that disposition was in order. Being in high demand, it took less than 24 hours to find a buyer. The locomotive was transported off the property over the weekend.

Next up is a Bachmann Industrial 2-6-0 “Indy” that has been in storage for a good number of years. It’s been here so long it was nearly forgotten and purchase documentation can not be found. It’s unknown if this locomotive was acquired new, or excellent condition used. My track has a constant 12 Volts for lighting, and the way Indy is wired, as soon as it was set on the track it wanted to take off, so we know it works!

The mechanical department is still evaluating the loco. We are well aware of it’s reputation of being a poor puller out of the box, but reasonable with added weight in the boiler. The original plan for this loco was to pull a short string of Bachmann passenger cars. Recently, an 0-4-0 Porter has been fulfilling this need, but with the recent acquisition of a second set of passenger cars from the Jackson & Burke Railroad, there is need for another small engine to lead passenger trains.

The tentative plan would be to gut all of the factory electronics and remove the track pick-ups. That would make room for some weight, and possibly a tiny speaker in the boiler plus a larger speaker in the tender.

Power and control would be by Battery and RailPro which I plan on mounting in the baggage area of a trailing combine with an optional HEP line feeding the rest of the cars for lighting.

Today I am at a crossroads with this loco: gut it or sell it? I have no idea what the retail market is for an Indy. They sold for just over $100 when new. In general, the resale market has been hot recently so it may have doubled or even tripled in value by now. The cost for the railroad to convert it would only be that of a battery as I have RailPro LMs in stock. Guess I’ll flip a coin :money_mouth_face:

Once the Fn3 roster has been cleaned up there remains one small train in 1:29. My first locomotive: a USA GP-9 in New Haven, a few cars and a caboose. This train is set up for trail car operation using the currently gutted Cheesy Sound Car of ECLSTS fame of 10 years ago. The last documented run of 1:29 equipment on the C.V.S.Ry. was New Years Day 9 years ago…

The GP9 is well used, but ran good the last time it was out. It and most of the cars in the video have been stored wrapped in plastic. I’m open to offers on the entire train with or without the Cheesy Sound Car with RailPro installed, but I don’t want to ship. Delivery at the new Large Scale show in Springfield could be arraigned.

I’m having a hard time resisting a new acquisition using the proceeds of recent sales. I keep repeating in my head “Downsize” :open_mouth:

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I hear you. As I focus more and more on some specific time frames I’m noticing that my motive power needs and wants are two totally different things.

I’d really like to swap out some of my units so I can make a matched pair of GP38-2’S based on some prototype photos of locomotives that ran over the line. That means clearing out the F3 A&B unit and a couple GP9’S. But I just can’t quite convince myself to do.

The F units especially the F3’s were long gone on my new era but I keep thinking about the possibility of bashing one up for the Spirit of Washington dinner train that ran. But I ask myself why, when the section of my layout never had that train run on it.

Same thing with some LGB 40’ boxcars. I know that they aren’t worth much ($50-60?) but they are taking up storage space.

Point being it’s super easy to acquire stuff but much harder to get rid of it because we think someday I’m going to do X and it might not be available then.

Hmmm… Looking for pictures to post in the Carick Furnace thread I scrolled by these of Hawaii #5 that I completely forgot has an outline nearly identical to Indy. My original reason for buying Indy was to bash it into #5

Well, until I looked closely comparing the two I totally missed that Hy #5 is a 2-4-2, not a 2-6-0. While paint and details are in my comfort zone, completely reconfiguring a drive is not. So if Indy lives on at the C.V.S.Ry. it will be in it’s Co. Mining configuration and possibly livery too.

Yep, I hear you. I would like a third C-19 but with what they are going for, I’ll probably never get one. And I really dont ever use my Shay, Climax, or Connie anymore.

There are a few Bachmann 2-4-2s around. The 2-6-0s seem to sell on FB at quite high prices, which is why I don’t have one. [I do have a spare new-style tender though!]
I have 2 or 3 of the 2-4-2s, including that Forney I just beat you to. With new gears from Jiro it can be made to run - not quite as well as the 2-6-0, but adequately.

Would you like to consider a chassis swap of the 2-6-0 for a working 2-4-2? My tram can just as well use the 2-6-0 instead of the 2-4-2.

Pete - In case you missed it, the 2-6-0 I have is the Industrial mining mogul (Indy), not the fancy 2-6-0 that are selling for crazy $. This one would probably sell in the neighborhood of $200, but I haven’t seen any up for sale recently.

Nope, too many unfinished projects. I think this one is probably going to a new home as a complete unit.

Nope, didn’t miss it, which is why I offered a working 2-4-2 chassis.

I’ve seen the 2-6-0 Indy’s offered for more than that, but I don’t know if they sold. . .

I’ve been looking at pricing as it’s pretty likely this one will go on the block too. Seems like anywhere from $350 NIB to $250 used excellent. That seems high to me, but then what I may buy is super pricey, so I can justify a little profit :heavy_dollar_sign: