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Estate: Delton 2-8-0 White Pass #28 DCC / Weathered

From the Carl Vanderspek estate, one of eight Delton 2-8-0 Custom numbered and weathered White Pass steam locomotives:

  • Locomotive #28 , in original box

  • Cracked left side running board (crack at rear end, close to the cab) which ive repaired with epoxy and touch up paint per last photo

  • Kadee coupler

  • Digitrax / DCC / sound module in tender - DCC address is “28”

  • Runs in analog track power mode

  • accessory sounds like generator and coal shovelling work in analog track power mode but no chuff sound

  • Custom numbered / weathered with real coal in the tender

  • Lights and sound under DCC control

  • Volume control at rear top of tender

  • Digitrax base stations and remotes available, on request

Shipping is via Canada Post (handing off to USPS for US) from the Vancouver, Canada area postal code V4E2R6.

ASKING PRICE: $200 USD or $250 Canadian

Due to the 20 plus year age and used condition conditions of sale are as is where is no guarantee can be offered.

Sale will be completed on the West Coast Rail Association website Store. Paypal, Apple Pay or Credit Card accepted
Contact: Kyle Miller ( [email protected] ) for purchase

Technical questions to me.

Dave J

Bump ! Still several nice Deltons available