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Enlightenment needed, please

I am confused about the list of “Latest” [posts?] [activity?] [?]

The list says it’s the Latest something, and the first entry has a yellow 1 tag, which I think means there is 1 new post, 3h ago.
The next entry has no number, suggesting no posts. Yet it is on the list as active 3h ago.
There are other entries with a small yellow/orange dot, which I think means new topic that I haven’t seen yet.

What’s the list difference between the first and second items on the Latest list, and why do some have a number in a yellow circle?

Latest new post on top.

So if you read the whole post, or add a (like) or reply to that post, then you will see a count of new replies.

for me the first was an older thread with circle # new posts.
the second was an entirely new thread.
or, like the fourth, an older thread with a new “like”.
or i’m wrong.

Not sure I believe either answer so far. Wayne is clearly right that the latest ‘activity’ is on top, as the timers are counting up.

But I read the RR Jobs post (4th) when it was first posted, and it now has 5 posts, the latest 11 hrs ago, and there is no yellow disk to tell me there are more posts.

And there are posts ‘greyed’ out, which I assume means nothing happened since last time I was here?

Okay, if you don’t reply to a post or add like, love, laugh, etc to at least one reply in that thread it will not show the counts. When I read a post usually there is at least one reply I will mark with a like, etc.

You are right, if you just read the whole thread, no new posts counts will show.

So it is showing the threads you are engaged in. Nice. I don’t look at the Latest list first, but rather the New and Unread, then I’ll look at latest for any unread (bold) posts.