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Engine Transport Boxes

Since I have the Bread Tray system for all my cars I wanted to make an easier way to transport all my engines. I built boxes that are 18" x 35" OD x 8.5" High. This holds 3 Dash 9’s or 3 SD45’s. Smaller engines GP40, GP38, U25’s will just need more foam. It fits on a large furniture dolly. Each box has grooves for the wheel flanges and foam padding keeps the engines from moving. The next box works as the top to the box under it by locking into it. I’m building 5 boxes with one top that will be ratchet strapped to the dolly. It will be easy to wheel tall the engines around and take them out of the boxes at shows. I love the idea of not having to put every thing back into the foam and box.


I did the much same for my EBT coaches, though not as sophisticated. The long, thin boxes took 3 coaches, and they stacked 3 high. I strapped them to the dolly in places like Cabin Fever as the distance from car to layout was across a long hall!

With 3 locos the box might be a bit heavy, but the concept is sound.

I finished the boxes and of course the graphics. It is heavy but the box is easier to carry than 3 engines in their boxes with packing. Of course It will be rolled and put in the truck with a lift gate for the Springfield show. If I travel to a friends layout I can put a box on the back seat.

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