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Was at the layout this evening and I was surprised to see a female elk walking around.

I didn’t have my camera so I went to get it. When I came back she was running away. This is the best shot I got of her:


See Ray, raccoons aren’t so bad. I’d rater have one of them on my track than an elk. Great shot Matt!

A doe, a deer, a female deer…oops a cow, an elk, a female elk. Living in Idaho elk are relatively common place but I never tire of seeing them. They are a stop and take notice sort of animal. Very cool. After talking to Steve though you don’t want them step on your rails.

Matt, I assume that picture was not taken in Anaheim, CA. I had to go back and look where you were from( I assume this is Oregon. I know there are elk in Cali but wrong kind of wildlife for Anaheim.

Devon, definitely not Anaheim (

I spend the summer in Colorado. The post office is Bayfield, however we are technically out at Vallecito Reservoir at 8,000’ elevation.

And Elk are huge. They have unfortunately trampled on the layout track in the past. I’ve had to replace a few segments that they bent. Thankfully not too many though. Surprising considering there is a herd of them that regularly comes around in the fall. Not too common to see in the summer though.

When everything is out at the layout, buildings, trains, details, etc… they, and the deer, tend to stay away from the layout. I think all the stuff scares them. But when it is just track that is when they can cause damage. Just one of the issues with mountain railroading. But it is cool to see elk and deer and all the other wildlife.

Now if I could only see that picture through my scope during the fall hunting season that would be great. Lots of meat for the freezer. Oh sorry I got carried away dreaming again.

Nice picture Matt.

No elk here, but this year, for the first time in 14 years, I’ve had deer in the area of the RR. They’ve always been around on the low side of my back yard, but had never ventured up toward the street where my tracks are. Either they are becoming more used to people or something is attracting them up the hill. So far there has been no damage, but it wouldn’t take much. If I keep seeing them I’ll think about putting out repellent.

Yup I had a deer step on my track a few years ago. Not pretty. I use a spray called liguied fence I buy it at my loco agway store. seems to work so far.

Might leave a few sawhorses over track here and there for the winter, might keep them away. Maybe a scarecrow! (

I would invest in a pellet gun, to “deter” the deer, but my mom would have a fit. So, some springs I have to relay a bent rail, and I usually have a few broken ties to replace.