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Electronics project organization

I have several electronics projects that I’m working on (signals, DCC++, WiFi throttles, etc) and needed some good storage for them so I don’t have several piles on my workbench. Did some Googling and it led me to ULine and their selection of stackable bins. Measured the shelves next to my workbench and bought a couple different sizes. These should work nicely.

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Those look nice and seem reasonable as well. No labels?

There’s a slot for removable labels, once I get everything organized in them.

For labels that you can READ, I highly recommend the Brother p-Touch labeling system. I have an older version that connects to a Windows machine - and thus uses ALL of the fonts available. Tapes come in various sizes from 1/4" to 1" and various “colors” as well. The tapes seem to last pretty well outside as well if you want to use them for signs.

Anyway, I’ve used the tape for labels on drawers and cabinets and it has NO problem lasting. Typically, I’ll use black on clear, but for signs white on clear also works since you can paint the desired background color and then put the label in place. Neat system and VERY easy to read.


I have a similar system (smaller bins) that hangs on a wall - the bins detach. It’s very handy and I’d expand it if I had more wall space available.

For stalled projects I’m currently using shoe boxes and small plastic tubs that fit under my indoor on shelves.

Looking good

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Looks a LOT more organized! :smiley:

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