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Eggliner to Battery Power?

Has anyone converted an Eggliner to battery power?
Pics are appreciated.

I did document one many years ago.
It was for the original EggLiner.
It had a switch so you could change it from Track DC to 12 Volt battery.
I do not know if the Bachmann version will work or not, only the AristoCraft one.
If interested I can re-post it.

Dennis C.

You did :smiley:

Bachmann seems to have a very high opinion of themselves. The Eggliner lists for $255,00. Mine (Aristo) from an ECLSTS of several years ago still has the price tag of $82.99! Can we say gouging?
Just popping off, David Meashey

Not gouging. They don’t expect anyone to purchase directly from them. Many manufacturers do that so folks will purchase the product from a retailer. :wink:

And things such as parts labor shipping have risen quite a bit since you purchased yours

I did, yes. But I wasn’t happy with that conversion. Now I have some better ideas on how I’ll go about it for my next conversion.

Street price seems to be $150-180., which is fair considering that “ECLSTS of several years ago” was probably 10+ yrs!