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East Broad Top Winter Spectacular This Weekend

If you haven’t heard yet, the EBT is back and Locomotive 16 will make it’s first revenue runs since 1956 this weekend.

The return to steam will be celebrated in style this weekend as the railroad runs their annual Winter Spectacular along with the Rockhill Trolley Museum.

#16 will pull 3 brand new replica coaches and a replica combine that just arrived at the railroad this week! The EBT built M1 gas/electric will also operate and track car M3 will operate to the southern end of operable track which at last count, was Route 475.

The Northbound excursions will run to Colgate Grove and return over recently rehabilitated track that looks to be close to class 1 standards!

With the addition of the new combine to the train, tickets are now available for all steam excursions. For tickets and information please visit Winter Spectacular - East Broad Top Railroad


Probably a stupid question, but with all that new track, are there plans to bring this old road back into partial revenue services along the lines of what I remember the Strasburg RR does (or did) in Pennsylvania? Or has the EBT found a way to make it work as a heritage line? Either way, this is really cool!


The RR is totally isolated at this point. The interchange with the PRR is owned by another party and there is no viable track between them, plus EBT is 3’ gauge, with all the issues of moving stuff between cars. Strasburg is std gauge so no problem for them.

EBTs claim to fame is that it is completely original. Workshops and equipment exist as in the old days when it was a common carrier.

Sorry Eric, I was on the road. Pete gave the correct answer.

Thanks, Pete, I had forgotten the EBT was 3’. Shame on me, as you were the one that shared a photo of an EBT coach out here on OR&L rails!


In WWII the navy bought a lot of equipment from the 3 ft gauge mainland railroads, including several coaches from the E.B.T.
After the war, most if not all were scrapped. This is a photo of E.B.T. #12 spotted by an E.B.T. fan in the scrap line (scanned from a photo published in Timber Transfer, the F.E.B.T. newsletter):

It was a blast. The highlight was this mornings Hostler tour where we got free reign of the roundhouse and yard while watching 16 wake up for the day’s work.


Way too early for me (and too cold!)
P.S. Facebook is full of pictures and videos of the weekend. Looked like a great weekend.

It was cold and by the time I got back to my car at 8AM my hands were pretty cold, but I would do it again tomorrow!

I neglected to take pictures of all the foam along route 522. So much that I just stayed in Rockill enjoying the action rather than needing to struggle to find a spot to shoot from. Two exceptions were 8AM Sunday for the coal train from the barn at Runk Rd. and a video later in the day from track level behind the Little Ice Creamer.

Yep. My days of being one of the few who put photos out on the net before social media are over. I got a few great shots, but I’ll likely not put them on Facebook. My early 2000’s shots go over much better because there are a lot less of us posting that era.

If I can figure out how to edit videos shot in both orientations and perhaps different resolutions together, I’ll likely post my waking up 16 videos on YouTube.

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I suppose the story of why I shot exclusively with my phone on Sunday AM might be of interest.

We stayed in Huntingdon which is around a half hour from Rockhill. EBTF asked that we arrive by 5:30 AM for a safety briefing which meant a 4:30 AM wake up. Our hotel was about 200 yard from a grade crossing on the busy NS Main line. Our 3rd floor room was on the back side close to the tracks. You would just about get to sleep when the next train would blow for the crossing. With maybe 2 or 3 hours of real sleep, I dragged my butt out of bed and got ready for the day. As I was dressing I was planning on how to fill my travel mug from the coffee dispenser in the lobby. The reason for my visit had completely left my mind. When I arrived in Rockhill and was getting out of the car I realized I left my DSLR at the hotel. There was no time to go back for it so I was happy that I had at least remembered my phone.

Of course it took several shots / videos to decide on what of the available resolutions to use, so my results are a bit of a mixed bag.

To add to my enjoyment, when I got back to the hotel about 9AM to pick up Marilyn & Shadow, I discovered the elevator was broken. Needing to use a rest room, I did so in a ground floor men’s room. I set down my travel mug to do my business and promptly left, forgetting the mug. A call to the hotel today confirmed that it was found.

Next time I’ll write out a check list the night before!

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