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Early shipping containers

Before TEU became a thing

They are apparently called DD1 containers

Interesting they are set on the railcar, but still have the ability to unload like a normal boxcar using their side doors

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A lot of freight moved on the White Pass and Yukon in those containers

1:29 scale

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Ok the ocd in me says put the brown one on the end so it looks “even” LOL!!!

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I stand to be corrected, BUT;
The White Pass didn’t use that type of container at all.
They only used a type of container for hauling an ore, which was shipped South by boat. The ore was their Major, if only export.
LGB produced a container that closely resembles the WP container.
The WP containers were loaded on to a WP owned, or charted boat(s), for shipment South to I believe, the US, or BC Canada.
The WP container traffic was ended when a main upgraded road was built, and trucks began hauling the ore directly from the mines to the boats in Skagway.
The expert White Pass modelers can correct me on any of this information.

Yes, they are called DD1 containers and there is a couple still sitting around Enola Yards. One was sitting right by RT 11/15 a few years ago. Think they are using it as a MOW shed or something.