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Early Roofing results

I don’t think even Oil of Olay would stop the seven signs of aging in Australia. We get an Incredible amount of sun each year. And that has hit some of my buildings harder than others. I thought I might show what has happened and what I am trialling for the upcoming season.

This bungalow was my first ever build a from decade ago using an expanding gorilla glue and liquid nails to affix the cedar shakes. Prior to placing it outside this year, I used some thinned down titebond 3 as a surface sealant then allowed the building to bake over summer, until the winter rains arrived. Other than the severe fading it has done better on the less sunny side (south side). But there has been significant shrinkage and splitting of some of the shingles in areas with full sun.

I have purchased some UV Resistant! water based stain to fix up the walls and planned to only attempt some basic repairs to the shingles. Of course I slopped some on the shingles. So everything got a bit of stain.

As you can see from the repairs the gaps between shingles were significant. I trimmed slivers of shingles and slid them in place to fill the gaps. Surprisingly, it looks ok from 1 foot away.

I chose water based stain as I’ve been concerned about the potential solvent capabilities of using an oil based stain on the liquid nails glue.

And this is what the process looked like halfway through and at completion.

The initial roof looked similar to the mine office pictured below.

Once I’m sure it has all dried, I am planning to add another dilute coat of titebond 3 and put the building back out in the spring.

In any event I am happy for any advice. Has anybody successfully used deck stain?

I can’t quite say successfully Bill, but the stain of choice on my turnout ties is Wattyl Forestwood. It’s put on after soaking (and drying) a kero based wood preservative - so it might not soak in as well as it should. Both products had no effect on the Gorrila urethane glue used in building them.

It’s faded to grey within a year or so, restaining is on the ‘yeah, nah, one day’ list…


Honestly Bill I think it looks like a perfectly fine cedar shingled roof and I’m not quite sure about your complaint after 10 freaking years outside???

Apologies for the confusion.

The building had been drying out on the shelf for 10 years waiting for the day I would have a garden to place it in. We had been living in rentals prior.

This was the result of being out in the elements for < 1 year. The roof had a couple of coats of titebond 3 for added protection before placing outside, but the shingles shrank anyway, leaving 2-3 mm gaps in a number of places, exposing the underlying ply.

It’s not major damage but more of a surprise.

This is the building 6 months ago.

Each building has been built using a different shingle gluing method. This one has liquid nails which tended have issues with being too thick and had a tendency to develop a skin if too much had been laid out in front of the shingles.

Perfect Bill!!!
You have met one of your goals !!

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Dear Rooster

Thank you for your sage advice. I have forwarded your payment request to my very trustworthy friend, the Nigerian prince, as I don’t have Venmo. He will handle the payment on my behalf, as he has extensive experience in these matters. Please expect his correspondence soon. :innocent:

Thank you !

But I thought we were talking cedar not sage?

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