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Early Logging Technique

Ran across this film and thought it was an interesting way to do things, labor intensive but interesting.


Amazing work by those sawyers.
Great footage of the cats and horses hauling.
Some incredible carloads at the end.
Thanks Rick.

Great find, Rick. That’s the definition of work, hard work.

I’m wondering why they choose not to use a saw.

Thoughts anyone?


Very cool. I’m not sure I agree with his dating of 1920’s. The autos around 0:57 look more like early 1930’s to me.

Hewing in the field was a huge chore, but sure made for some pretty train loads!

Cool video. Squaring those trees up in the field, my back was aching watching those guys chop away. That was insane.

Maine saw its share of Logging over the years. in fact the first crawler track was invented here for use hauling sleds of logs out of the woods. Here I help run one at the Maine Forestry and Logging museum.


I wonder why they went to the trouble of squaring the timbers before dragging them off to the mill? I know the narrator said it makes a neater rail load, but I’ve seen lots of photos and film of early log trains and this in the only one I’ve seen that did that.

Those old Lombard steam crawlers are too cool for words! They have a very “steam punk” vibe.

Linn tractor was the ‘child’ of Lombard, and they made some nifty half-track vehicles.

I’m particularly fond of the dump trailer.

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Lombard had the patent for the crawler track system, but it was too good an idea and was quickly copied by many. Caterpillar even lost a law suit but got the rights somehow anyways